More Energy Efficiency in a Smart Home

Save energy and at the same time live modern, is that possible? Smartphones and tablets take on the task of centralized control of the technology in a smart home. Today’s remote controls with their batteries are superfluous – a plus in energy efficiency. But Smart Home can do much more: Sensors measure the room temperature and send the data via the Internet to the homeowner. This can control the heating digitally from the sofa or on the move based on the current values. Starting with the individual room temperature control with networked electronic thermostats and the roller shutter and lighting control through to energy saving tips – in today’s smart homes, much energy efficient and intelligent networking is possible.

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Energy-power efficiency and promotion

The increase in energy efficiency in new construction and in existing buildings can cost the federal and state governments a lot. A grant is awarded for a refurbishment or a subsidy for a new heating system. KfW alone offers under the title “Energy-efficient renovation” promotion on the best terms in 5 programs. Energy efficiency experts, or energy consultants for short, advise on all planned measures and support the funding application. The Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) also grants subsidies for more energy efficiency. Thus, measures for heating optimization such as the replacement of heating pumps and hot water circulation pumps are promoted by highly efficient pumps and the hydraulic balancing of the heating system. Renewable energies also receive a grant from the BAFA. For example, for the installation of a solar thermal system including hot water tank, so that the heater can be switched off in the summer. Or a new heat pump that draws up to three quarters of the heat generated from the free on-site heat sources earth, water, and air.


Energy-Power Efficiency for home

If you want to create your own energy for your smart home, you can direct it with the smartphones, tablets and with other mobile technolohies. First of all you need to learn how to produce power by yourself. If you care this subject you can click to Power Efficiency Guide book to start for this dream job. After learning, you can create your own smart home and maybe a new job for you. For more about the Power Efficiency Guide, click here now. Stay connected for more article about the power efficiency world.

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