How We Can Make Energy Efficiency With Easy Steps?

Energy sources and power efficiency are one of the most important matters in our world. We must use energy resources efficiently because natural energy sources are quickly drained away.

In this point we have important roles to protect sources. Additionally, we have to be careful by using them because energy is really expensive nowadays. So if we want to use it sensible, there are some points to learn. Well, how we will use the energy efficiently then?

Today we want to give you some important tips about this matter. If we give enough attention points below, we can provide energy efficiency easily.


Energy efficiency tips for homes

In order to provide power efficiency;

  • Instead of driving car, we should walk for close distances.
  • We should prefer public transportation.
  • We should not buy unnecessary plastics and goods.
  • We should use cloth bag or string bag on shoppings.
  • We should be careful by using water.
  • We should do recycling.
  • We should not open the water in case of washing hands, tooth brushing and shaving.
  • We should manage the heating sources of our homes correctly.*We should prefer natural gas more than other heat sources.
  • We need to make sure the floors are covered with carpet.
  • We should prefer thick curtains on our windows.
  • We should keep the front of radiators as open.
  • We should keep the room temperature between 18-21 degrees.
  • We should use less water to cook food and use a pressure cooker.
  • If we will bake in the oven, we should not open the oven door frequently.
  • We should use a big energy-saving lamp instead of multiple small lamps.
  • We should not open the door of fridge often.
  • We should not use air conditioning unless necessary.
  • We should wash the laundry with a lower degree of water.
  • We should use our dishwasher when it is full and at 55 degrees.
  • We have to empty the bag of our electric broom frequently.
  • We should switch off our televisions and other controlled devices from the buttons of them, not with the remote.

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