Power Efficiency Guide Review – Is this system really worth it?

A report submitted by Energy Information Administration some time ago revealed that the electricity prices have been increasing consistently over the years. If we look at the period from 2008 to 2018, there has been a 24% increase over that decade!

Your high electricity bills can also be because of various other reasons. It could be that you or your family members have started using too many gadgets and devices and/or sometimes forget to turn off lights and other appliances, when not needed.

If that wasn’t enough, power blackouts have been pretty frequent lately within the US, with California and Michigan experiencing maximum cuts.

Something that can be easily inferred from these statistics is that you’re bound to have a broken heart if you continue placing your trust in the national grid.

It’s in such a scenario that The Power Efficiency Guide from Mark Edwards, comes as a breath of fresh air, claiming to free you from this bondage to electricity suppliers.

But how good do you think it actually is and does it really have the potential to reduce your power bill by 60% in as less as 30 days’ time?!

Let’s find out.

Power Efficiency Guide – Just another scam or something legitimate?

As also mentioned above, Power Efficiency Guide from Mark Edwards is a newly launched guide that helps you learn about and master an alternative electricity generation source, which can ensure that your life doesn’t come to a standstill whenever there are floods, hurricanes, heavy snow or other natural calamities in your area.

And no, the author is not referring to expensive setup of windmills or solar panels. It is something completely different and I’ll share it all with you in this detailed and unbiased review of Power Efficiency Guide.

This guide is aimed at anyone and everyone who is tired of paying the constantly rising electricity bills, month after month. Anyone who wishes to become energy sufficient, so he/she no longer needs to remind his/her children to switch off everything after using it, will find this Power Efficiency Guide extremely useful.

If we look at the average American household, or for that matter the average household in any part of the world, the increasing prices of daily use items (including grocery) is making it very difficult for the families to pay their monthly electricity bills in time.

These families are desperate to do anything within their means to reduce their monthly outgo on electricity.

We all know that windmills and solar panels are not within the reach of everyone. Hence, it becomes imperative to use some alternative energy source which doesn’t dig a big hole into your pocket, and doesn’t cost a fortune to set up.

Thankfully and fortunately there are certain energy sources which can be easily set up inside your home, in your basement or backyard, without the need of spending thousands of dollars. And these energy sources can be instrumental in reducing your monthly electricity bill.

Mark Edwards shares one such highly effective method in his Power Efficiency Guide. In this guide, Mark throws light on a certain method that’s already being used by car manufacturers for powering electric cars. What is interesting is that it costs no more than $ 106 to set up your own home power plant using this method.

Stay with me and I will enlighten you about an important component which can make this home-based power plant almost maintenance free.

Looking at it closely, it’s a simple system based on the spinning principle which is at work in the modern-day electric cars as well. It’s common knowledge that electric motors are being designed nowadays to serve as efficient powerhouses. You can see them spinning at anywhere over 20,000 RPMs, which is then used for running cars.

What is contained in this Power Efficiency Guide?

After you make a payment for and purchase this Power Efficiency Guide, you will receive instant access to their ‘Thank You’ page, consisting of the following things:

Power Efficiency Guide – Main Manual

You will find this guide available in the form of a 72 page manual, providing step-by-step instructions on creation of your own power generation system, for a paltry $ 106. The guide will take you through all the components in pictorial form, so you’ll be able to easily identify and obtain just the right equipment.

All information is laid out and spread neatly into chapters, consisting of step-by-step instructions and detailed images. The chapters focus on topics like:

  • List of Components
  • Gears with Sprocket Chains
  • DC Motor 12-volt
  • List of Tools
  • The Switch
  • Alternator
  • Rotors
  • Battery
  • The Inverter
  • The Generator
  • Flywheel

Bonus #1 – Guide on energy waste reduction

This one’s a 59 page guide consisting of 10 methods that can help you reduce energy waste in your house and bring down your electricity costs dramatically.

Bonus #2 – Meyer Magnet motor plans

Anyone interested in setting up his/her own Meyer Magnet motor plan can use this guide and get through with the process easily. This guide takes a pictorial approach, providing you with images of all the components, as well as a step-by-step process, hence leaving nothing to guesswork.

Bonus #3 – Power generation from Smith generator

Using this 36 page guide, you’ll be able to set up your own alternative energy source which is yet to reach the mainstream industry. Despite that, you can find its components easily and cheaply in the market.

Bonus #4 – The History of Electric Lighting

This book offers an interesting overview of the history of electric lighting, and who was responsible for creation of electricity. In addition, you will learn about various electrical devices and the reasons behind their popularity.

It’s a solid 211 page book, so take out some free time before you pick it up. On the other hand, if you’re someone who is a non-reader like me, please know, going through this book is only optional!


Power Efficiency Guide – what is it all about?

Carry out a simple Google search and you’ll most likely come across all kinds of alternative energy sources on the internet, including windmills and solar energy (which are the most popular ones).

But the catch with the majority of them is that either they’re difficult to build or are very expensive.

Mark Edwards through his book Power Efficiency Guide has tried to popularize an alternative energy source which is neither as difficult to set up as the windmills, nor is it as expensive as the solar panels.

This alternative energy source is about using magnets for electricity generation.

Yes, you got that right!

You can use those commonly available magnets to create an alternative energy source, capable of running your electricity appliances and devices.

In fact, magnets can help you generate ample electricity to fulfil all your domestic electricity needs.

What more, you can even carry this generator in the boot of your car, and take it anywhere you like, as a portable power source!

Mark Edwards has posted a video of his power generation system, showing how he successfully generates electricity with the help of magnets.

Please note, you shouldn’t underestimate the electricity generation potential of magnets, as there are several car manufacturing companies which are already using this technique for the development of electricity cars, and for saving fuel.

The techniques detailed in this e-book are based on something known as the spinning principle. By implementing the concepts shared in this book and assembling the parts in just the right manner, you will be able to power your home utilizing the same technology that is behind the electric cars.

The process relies on translation of a small amount of energy into a large one, by multiplying it through the spinning principle. The energy generated can be used for recharging the system while it’s not being used to full capacity.

Just like an electric car which constantly charges itself through its wheels, in stationary position, this generator will also be able to power your home constantly.

All you need is $ 106 to set up this personal home-based power generation system. You can put it up anywhere you like, and as per Mark, it can reduce your monthly electricity bill by as much as 60% in 30 days’ time.

As the Power Efficiency Guide contains colorful pictures and step-by-step instructions to set up the system, you won’t require any professional help.

Mark Edwards takes you through the materials that go into its making, which can be easily procured from any store in the market, including Amazon.

As if that wasn’t good enough, Mark is so sure about his guide that he’s offering a comprehensive 60 days money back guarantee on its purchase. The 2 months’ time is enough to ascertain if the system works for you or not.

In the event that you find it is impractical or not-usable for you, you can always request a refund.


About the author of Power Efficiency Guide – Mark Edwards

Mark Edwards, the author of Power Efficiency Guide is a 56 year old geography teacher from Memphis, Tennessee, US.

Regardless of the fact that he successfully created this alternative energy source, in the form of a home-based power plant, he did it using self-acquired knowledge.

Mark emphasizes that he shouldn’t be considered a science expert or guru in this field. His sole intent was to figure out an alternative energy source for his family, and now that he has successfully done it, he is just spreading the word.

Prior to unearthing this home-based power plant, Mark carried out extensive research both online and off-line. He acquired a great amount of experience and information to achieve this breakthrough.

Just like everyone around us, Mark and his family also depended entirely on the Big Electric to meet their day-to-day electricity requirements.

However, one particular day his family experienced a power breakdown, which caused so much distress to his wife and little daughters that he started seriously thinking about developing an alternative energy source.

He spent endless hours on the Internet, researching reliable and cheapest sources of energy. He even gave a thought to installation of a conventional fuel generator, but gave up the idea owing to high maintenance and fuel costs.

While carrying out all this research, Mark spoke to a great multitude of people who were experienced in this industry and had plenty of knowledge about alternative energy sources.

He stumbled upon this idea of creating a home-based power plant while talking to someone called Jason who worked as an engineer along with Mark’s uncle (late), in the automobile industry.

Using Jason’s help, Mark created a reliable and affordable domestic power plant, to meet his home’s electricity requirements. The best part about this power plant was that its maintenance cost was very low and it didn’t burn any fuel for electricity generation. What more, it was eco-friendly too!


Is Power Efficiency Guide is really effective?

Power Efficiency Guide is absolutely effective, without an iota of doubt!

Electromagnets have been an untapped energy source for a long time now. These magnets, along with the other components of the generator, can be easily procured from the local hardware store. In fact you might find many of them in your home as well!

Going by the figures provided by Mark Edwards, more than 87,000 families have already tested this alternative energy source, and are experiencing reduced energy bills each month.

Of these, only 15 families weren’t able to benefit from the Power Efficiency Guide. So 15 fails out of 87000+ passes – That can be termed as a fairly decent success rate!

There is no external help needed for setting up the system. However, completing this project along with a friend can make the task exciting and interesting!

There is also the option of interchanging the required components. Mark educates readers about the steel components that can even be replaced with wood, in order to save some money. However, please keep in mind that steel components will obviously have a longer life than the wooden ones.

Mark had enrolled help of his late uncle’s friend to set up this power generating system, as the latter had already witnessed it being done in the electric car industry.

Initially, Mark sold this Power Efficiency Guide for $ 149, but later reduced the price as he wanted it to reach more number of people, especially who needed it the most.

Please keep in mind that even the ones who purchased this guide at a higher price, recovered their investment in as less as 2 months’ time!


Power Efficiency Guide – 7 things I really loved about it



As the greenhouse effect is at its worst nowadays, it has become increasingly important to minimize its impact on our environment.

Regardless of the fact that many major companies encourage people to use energy-saving options, and impose penalties on those who don’t, electricity continues to be very expensive, everywhere.

The alternative energy source created with the help of Power Efficiency Guide is a machine that relies entirely on spinning wheels, with no carbon emissions or fuel involved.

There’s no dependency on flames for fueling energy or any hazardous fumes that can harm your family’s health.

This implies that by setting up such a home-based power plant, you will be doing your own bit in making this world a better place for the future generations.

Easy to construct

The construction of this power generation machine, as taught in the Power Efficiency Guide, can be completed without any professional help or skills.

All the instructions have been laid out in layman terms, in a manner that it doesn’t require any professional intervention.

Mark uses an ‘over the shoulder learning approach’ in this book, ensuring that you never feel confused or lost. You’ll feel as if there’s an instructor right over your shoulder, hand-holding you through the process!

In fact, it is so easy to create that you will need only 3 hours to complete the entire process.

No prior experience and skill is needed to construct this device. You could be using a screwdriver for the first time and will still be able to complete its construction!

Requires zero maintenance

Once you have the home-based power generation machine up and running, supplying electricity to your home, you can continue using it without any major maintenance needs.

It’s actually a type of self-supplying generator which can be continuously used to receive the same amount of electricity that you normally obtained from the grid.

In fact, as shard earlier, regularly using this generator can cut down your monthly electricity bill by at least 60%.

What more, you can even run your heavy duty appliances on it. It’s actually a type of mini power plant which comes maintenance-free.

Requires limited investment

As mentioned earlier, all the tools and parts required for construction of this home-based power generator are easily available in the local hardware stores.

These tools and parts don’t cost a fortune and can be procured at very nominal prices. There will be no need of doing any research to buy some high-end equipment. In fact, if you look closely, you might find many of these tools and parts in your own garage or home.

Constructing this device will work out to be much cheaper than investing into solar power or a heavy generator. Its nominal price ensure that it stays within the reach of all levels of homeowners, everywhere.

Light and easily portable

The material that goes into creation of this home-based power plant is such that the machine turns out to be very light and easily portable.

You won’t require any special license for it and can even run it from your work desk.

In fact, you can carry it anywhere you want in the boot of your car. How about carrying it with you as a reliable power source whenever you go out camping?!

Reduces reliance on conventional electricity sources

Once you successfully build this home-based power generation machine, you will no longer be 100% reliant on the conventional electricity sources for your day-to-day affairs.

Hence, even if there are any blackouts, you will still be able to lead your life normally. You will still be able to keep your home warm no matter how everyone else in the neighborhood might be freezing in the winter cold.

Comes with a comprehensive 60 days money back guarantee

Considering the fact that this information guide comes with a comprehensive 60 days money back guarantee, there is no reason that you shouldn’t give it a shot.

It took Mark Edwards just 3 hours to set up this mini power plant.

Once you too set it up, you can check its efficiency for 60 days, in a risk-free arrangement. In the end if you feel that the system hasn’t been delivering the expected results, and hasn’t been saving you any money, you can return it and obtain a full refund.

Complete email support

Mark Edwards is so sure about this Power Efficiency Guide and how it is going to change things in the future that he has packed-in unlimited lifetime support with it.

Therefore, any time you get stuck either during the construction of this power generator, or while using it, you can easily shoot an email to Mark and have your problem solved, without any worries.


Power Efficiency Guide – 2 things I didn’t like much


No availability of the physical version of the book

I personally felt that Mark should have given the buyers an option to purchase a physical copy of Power Efficiency Guide, because a large majority of people prefer reading such material in conventional form.

In addition, a physical copy would have been an excellent choice for people who don’t have reliable Internet connections.

Lots of theory

There is a lot of time spent on theory on various power sources before Mark starts delving into magnets and how they can work magically for electricity generation.

Perhaps I was impatient and wanted to get to the main content right away! However, my initial impression was that he has focused a lot on theory. I found it a little frustrating as he had already shared a lot of it on his sales page as well as in the ‘Electric Lighting History’ bonus book.

In addition, anyone can get a little thrown off by the science equations shared in the guide. I mean if you were just skimming through the guide you might get the impression that you must know how to decipher all these equations to get the most from the product.

However, that’s far from the truth.

Those equations are just there for your knowledge’s sake and you can choose to ignore them if you like! Understanding these equations will definitely give you some reassurance about the system that it’s scientifically-backed.

But I agree that just looking at them can confuse some people, more so if someone’s not from the science background.


Final word

I’d like to state that this Power Efficiency Guide is worth every penny you will be spending on it.

It does a remarkable job at reducing people’s dependency on the National Grid and it’s targeted at anyone and everyone interested in cutting down his/her electricity bills.

So, if you stay in an area where the electricity cost is pretty steep, you’d save a lot of money by giving this method a shot.

A great multitude of people are already using magnets for electricity generation in their homes, and you can do it too, to not just recover your investment, but to also save money over a period of time, for something else more rewarding, for instance, a foreign vacation!

The fact that it is backed by a comprehensive 60 days money back guarantee shows Mark Edwards’ trust in his product.

This guide has already helped over 87,000 families run their washing machines, microwaves, lights, fans, televisions, computers and more using a revolutionary system.

So, what are you waiting for?!

You should also start creating your own electricity and reap its benefits!